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Never get lost in buying SaaS software again

All software buyers have the same problem: Hundreds of vendors, dozens of features and endless content. SaaSelerate helps you to cut through the noise and find the solutions YOU need now.

The curse of overchoice

How do you buy software?

Most likely your search starts at one of the big software platforms or other websites offering reviews, ratings and feature comparisons. While they are genuinely useful to identify vendors they are not suited to start your buyer journey. Because they don’t offer the information you need early on. The information that helps you to separate possible fits from non-fits.

If you have no means to quickly reduce the number of contenders you will get completely lost in comparing dozens of features over dozens of vendors and reading hundreds of reviews. And you will still end up not making any real progress. Because even when reviews and ratings give you an idea about product and service quality they will still not tell you if the solution fits your needs.

Lean software buying

The pitch

The idea behind SaaSelerate is simple: If a pitch of 2 minutes can be enough to make investors decide whether to invest in a startup or not then a 2 minute pitch must be enough time to decide whether a product is worth investing more time.

The pitch will highlight each product’s value and reveal who it is a great for. You should be able to pick the contenders for your shortlist almost as fast as your 5 favorite graphic designs from dozens of options.  A limited number of choices will turn your trials into actually being trials and eventually leading to faster decisions with confidence and no regrets.

Find what you need now

Don't waste months on buying software ever again