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Plans for every stage of your business

Implement the Customer Value Led Growth business model and grow faster, further and more profitable.


Implement the CVLG business model on your own. 

0€ / month


Implement the CVLG business model with a group of peers. 

500 € / month


Implement the CVLG business model working with me 1:1.

5.000 € / month

Frequently asked questions

What you need to know to get started.

The CVLG business model is not built on random tactics to tweak a KPI here and there. It’s built to deliver compounding interests. In order to get the most out of it the recommended commitment is 12 months. 

Depending on the time and effort you pour in, you should see reduced churn and higher grwoth within 30 days. 



Every session will either start with the introduction of a new part or a review of the implementation of a previous one. Studying the content from the library before the program kicks-off is required. 

The first cohort and individual coachings will kick-off in February 2024.

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