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Plans for every stage of your business

Build operational excellence across your organization and grow at peak rate


Find out where you are growing and where you are not.

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2.500 / month


Identify unseized growth potential and wasted resources.

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5.000 € / month


Distribute your spending according to ROI and grow more profitable.

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10.000 € / month

Metrics & Analytics Overview

Get the insights you've always been looking for.

Growth & Revenue


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Customer Sucess



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Customer Service

Customer service

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Frequently asked questions

What you need to know to get started.

Depending on the scope and quality of your data i’ll get back at you within 14 days. If you like my service and decide that we should continue to work together we will create our individual schedule.

You may send in spreadsheets or grant me access to your data analytics tools. The scope of the analytics will cover the last 12 months.

Sure, we can tailor everything to your specific needs.

Not at the moment but it’s a possibility for the near future.

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