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Numbers, Metrics and profitable growth

Rewriting your success story

I help you to transform a heap of meaningless data into business strategies.


Hi, my name is Markus and my purpose is to help you building a long-term profitable SaaS business. Who am I? Some people are natural born coders, artists or salesreps and i’m drawn to analytics and strategy.

Likewise i’ve spent my entire career as an employee in various roles in controlling and corporate stragegy. I would consider myself as a highly trained number cruncher who can survive in any data environment. No matter what you’ve got, i can help you to make sense of it.

I’ve entered the SaaS world in 2017 when i’ve started Remark-able, the parent company of SaaSelerate where i’m offering positioning consulting services.

Also being on the receiving end of various business services before providing true help matters a great deal to me. Delivering actionable insights and recommendations you can work with are a top priority.

Seeing people succeed with the help i provide is the greatest reward of all. The only question is: Are you the next?

Ready for the next step?